ELO Components

In order for ELOs to result in the highest levels of academic and personal learning for student, research and experience shows that they must include four general components:

Reflection is a chance to ponder and share your ELO experience in order to encourage insight and complex learning. Reflection allows you to control your own learning by fostering growth and reviewing your learning experience with your ELO partners in order to make decisions moving forward.

Research is an integral component of an ELO. It brings your subject to life and often allows you to work closely with professionals in the field you have chosen.

The final product should provide you with a valuable means of processing and exploring your learning goals and essential questions. It should demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge you have attained leading up to and during your ELO learning experience.

Presenting your ELO will not only help you reflect on how the entire experience went but it will also help you draw connections between what you learned and your future career and life goals.