A student participating in an ELO analyzes and demonstrates an understanding of his/her learning experience through reflection.

WHAT is it and WHY do we do it?

Reflection is a chance to ponder and share your ELO experience in order to encourage insight and complex learning. Reflection allows you to control your own learning by fostering growth and reviewing your learning experience with your ELO partners in order to make decisions moving forward.

Your reflections should include observations, highlights, questions, concerns, criticisms, explanations, evaluations, recommendations, and references to any research conducted.

You will need to meet with your Lead Teacher and/or ELO Coordinator to determine how you will reflect on your ELO experience.

Reflection Information, Templates and Rubrics

Web Resources

Examples of Reflection Methods

  • Blogging
  • Journaling
  • Final Reflection Paper
  • Attendance log
  • Face to Face meetings (weekly, biweekly, etc.)
  • Video Log

The video below is an example of a Final Reflection from a student who did an Internship in ...:


The video below is an example of a student who is doing a video reflection of their Career Exploration in... :

Career Exploration experience